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Varsity Estates

CHBA National Awards

Best Kitchen Renovation –under $70,000 -Finalist

Best Bathroom Renovation -Finalist

Best Whole Home Renovation –under $200,000 -Finalist

BILD Calgary Awards

Best Kitchen Renovation - Uo to $65,999 - Winner


Indulge in the art of living with this full home renovation that seamlessly merges modern luxury and serene nature views. Our homeowner had the vision to weave the home into its reputable neighborhood with a contemporary flair. One of our primary goals was to bring the outdoors in. Through the use of thoughtfully designed room layouts adorned with expansive windows, we were able to frame a view that evolves with the seasons. With a gorgeous dog park through the property’s back gate, this home transforms daily routines into moments of joy and connection.

The incorporation of personalized design elements such as a bold blue colour scheme, natural woods, and custom fittings allowed us to infuse the space with the homeowner's distinctive taste.

The ambiance of this home is now a perfect blend of urban sophistication and natural tranquility. 

Before Renovation

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