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Do you love where you live and feel like your current lot is perfect for you and your family? No problem!

The costs of buying land and financing new construction can be daunting, but current homeowners have an alternative option that can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you already own a home, you can completely rebuild it on your existing property, and we can help! We can help you rebuild on your existing lot to give you your dream home exactly where you are. 

New Homes

Over and over again our customers tell us how much they love their home, our process and our customer service. We care about our customers, and just like our team, they are family to us. 
Whether you own your land, or need a lot purchased, we’d be honored to build your new home. Our team has years of experience in a variety of design styles and with hundreds of ‘unique features’ (just check out our awards!). While we don’t want to claim we’ve ‘done it all’, we’re more than happy to tackle your bravest, most daring ideas! From country cottages, to the urban oasis, we’re excited to share your vision and build your dream home.       


Why move when your current home is so amazing already?
People fall in love with their community, their neighbors, their back yard, and build memories in their home. Our renovations can update (and add to) your existing home without asking you to sacrifice any of the things you love. 
Our team has years of experience in a variety of design styles and with hundreds of unique features. We’re happy to match your current décor, or update your home, appliances and finishes to your new vision. 

707 25 Ave NW-108
Currie Barracks 1

Basement Developments

Sometimes a home just needs a few additions to make it absolutely perfect… 
Yes, the basement does a great job storing boxes, the Christmas tree, and that ugly old couch... 
But what if we added a fireplace in the corner, a quartz wet bar and a guest suite? Or perhaps adapt the space for a basement tenant? Or maybe we need a pool table and theatre room…
Sometimes the easiest way to double your home’s size is to build down!


From multi-story professional buildings to interior remodelling, we can help. 
With well over a decade of experience in commercial development, we’re well equipped to support both large and small scale projects.
Alongside the development of Ashton Square, (a 50,000 sqft strip mall, and the location of our office) we have experience with multi-story offices, interior remodeling, and retail spaces. Whether you’re dreaming big or updating what’s there, we’ll maximize the ROI of your new build. 

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