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Country Hills

BILD Alberta Awards

Best Bathroom/Ensuite:  Finalist

BILD Calgary Awards

Best Bathroom/Ensuite Renovation: Finalist


Our dramatically redesigned bathroom layout remains to feel as though it was always part of the home while adding a new and vibrant impression. Lowering the ensuite subfloor was a key part of integrating the bathroom into the current home design. Doing so allowed for a seamless transition between the master bedroom and ensuite. In order to achieve the privacy that the Home Owner desired, the original dated archway was framed-in to accommodate a frosted glass pocket door which in return allows for natural light to flood through into the bedroom.

This redesigned kitchen still feels as though it has always been a part of the home while adding a new and vibrant impression. Staying true to the original kitchen size was the challenge. We were able to master this obstacle through a simplified cabinet layout. The addition of organizers in their cabinet boxes allowed the homeowners to be able have more efficient storage, and to remove clutter from their counters. The retractable coffee station gave the espresso machine a permanent home in the kitchen and wowed the homeowners with added luxury. 

Before Renovation

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