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Currie Barracks

CHBA National - Best Detached Home 2,401 to 2,800 Sq. Feet: Finalist

BILD Alberta Awards - Best New Home - $485 000 - $549 999: Finalist


This craftsman style home is defined by strong roof lines and complimenting exterior surroundings while feeling elegant and modern. The open-concept interior is inspired by transitional design while keeping details simple, practical, and luxurious. Everyone will have room to grow in this spacious design designed for a working family. An oversized kitchen and dining area is located just off the living room, allowing the family to spend time together while in other rooms. Just off the living room is the private home office, where kids can do homework without interruption. A triple car garage is attached to the home by a multi-functional breezeway. Now, no one has to bare the weather coming in from the garage, especially the dog!

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