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Our Story

The Art of Craftsmanship

“Ashton provided us with a top quality home that maximized every inch of space with a layout that made sense and stunning finishings throughout. To top it off, our home was even delivered early! Thank you Ashton Luxury Living for building our dream home!”

Since in 1984, Ashton Luxury Living Inc. has developed custom built homes and renovations with a reputation built on outstanding quality, unique craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail. It’s hard to believe that it all started with a small drywall company over 34 years ago!

Back then our President (and my Grandfather) Giovanni called the shots and instilled in his son Tony the “art of craftsmanship”. From a humble beginning in drywall, Tony continued his passion for new home construction by learning how to build a home on his own. From cribbing to framing to finishing carpentry, he did it all.

Over the last three decades we’ve perfected this process, and we’ve continued with the same care and attention that Nonno Giovanni taught from the beginning. From the smallest nooks, to unique floor plans, and the most dramatic staircases, each Ashton project sets itself apart with its individuality and exceptional quality.

We’re proud of our homes – they bring families together.

John Arcuri

Vice President of Operations


We are committed to upholding professionalism, expertise, and a long standing commitment with our home owners which is why we are proud partners with:


Notes of appreciation

"We believe that Ashton Luxury Living went above and beyond to make sure that we would be happy with our new home."


—  Paul, Mary, and Hayley Bendzik

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